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One of the major issue that our parents faces nowadays includes, their kid’s speech disability like, trouble with pronouncing words. Our speech therapists helps your kid in articulation, improving language development, communication, fluency auditory processing, spluttering, motor speech apraxia, lisps, voice, pitch, rate of speech etc.

  • Increases pulmonary output.
  • Reduces muscle tension.
  • Deals with fluency disorders.
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Pure tone audiometry is the crucial hearing test that is used to measure hearing sensitivity. Pure tone audiometry serves a basic diagnosis for hearing problems. It enables determination of the type degree and configuration of hearing loss. In this test, the hearing sensitivity would be plotted on audiogram displays intensity as a function of frequency.

  • Identifies audibility thresholds.
  • Determines degrees of hearing loss
  • Applicable from children to Adults.
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Impedance audiometry is primarily used to assess the status of tympanic membrane and middle ear via tympanometry. Secondary purpose is to evaluate acoustic reflex pathways, which include cranial nerves (CN) VII and VIII and the auditory brainstem.

  • Determines status of tympanic membrane and middle ear.
  • Uses possibility of tympanometry.
  • Evaluates cranial nerves & auditory brainstem.
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Acoustic Reflex Test is used to analyze information about the possible location of a hearing loss. acoustic reflex is an involuntary muscle contraction that occurs in the middle ear in response to high-intensity sound stimuli or at the time of vocalization. The loudness level at which the acoustic reflex occurs or the absence of the acoustic reflex gives information to the audiologist about the type of hearing loss.

  • Analyzes acoustic reflexes.
  • Identifies sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Identifies mild-moderate hearing loss.
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Otoacoustic emission test is used for determining cochlear status, particularly hair cell function. This data can be used for multiple purposes. Like, screen hearing in neonates, infants, or individuals with developmental disabilities, for estimating hearing sensitivity, to demarcate between sensorineural hearing loss, or to test functional hearing loss.

  • Determines cochlear status.
  • Helps in screen the hearing.
  • Identifies all otoacoustic emissions.
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Speech audiometry is the fundamental tool in analyzing hearing loss. Associating with pure tone audiometry speech audiometry can also assist in the assessment of degree and type of hearing loss. This also provides information related to discomfort on speech stimuli and word recognition abilities.

  • Assess hearing loss.
  • Useful for adult patients.
  • Facilitates audiological rehabilitation management.
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Interacting with a professionally qualified counsellor could make you more relaxed on any circumstances. Auditory dysfunction was common only among age old people but nowadays, it does not have such a discrimination. One who suffers with hearing or speech impairments seems to get more depressed. Our efficient counselling team would help you to wipe out such unnecessary thoughts that pops up in your mind.

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An individual suffers from hearing loss goes through a terrible situation in the life time. Those hearing impairments which could not be corrected even surgically could utilize hearing aids as a best solution. For those who are identified with this issue, JK Hearing Clinic assist the patient with hearing aid trial and fitting. We provide our patients with best quality hard and soft earmoulds and related accessories. We also provides after sale service of all kinds of hearing aids like BTE, CIC, IIC etc. We possess a group of professionally qualified audiologists and speech pathologist who are dedicated to deliver best treatment with ultra modern equipments.

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